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Master’s in Product Management Careers

Product management is an integral aspect of any industry or organization that creates products or services. Traditionally, product management has been largely confined to consumer goods and services in sectors like technology and retail. Over the past decade, however, product management has expanded into areas such as finance, manufacturing, and health care, creating tremendous opportunities for those seeking to enter or advance in this field.

With concentrations available in IT, finance, and pharmaceuticals, the online Master of Science in Product Management from Regis College is a forward-facing product management degree that can prepare you for the a wide range of product management careers.

Careers in Product Management

Earning a master’s degree in product management can lead to a host of product management careers in a variety of industries, with roles at virtually every level of an organization. Some common jobs for product management professionals include the following:

Product Manager

Median Salary: $92,500*

Product managers typically oversee the production of a product or product line. They ensure production goals are met by managing production teams, overseeing safety procedures, balancing expenses, and keeping product lines within budget. As a team leader, a product manager needs to have strong communication and leadership skills in order to get the most out of their employees.

Marketing Director

Median Salary: $94,200*

Marketing directors are the strategic drivers of an organization’s marketing operations, usually overseeing multiple teams across a marketing division. These professionals are typically client-facing and serve as the mouthpiece for their company’s marketing efforts. The role requires creativity and impeccable interpersonal skills. Marketing directors often have a hand in paid media, brand management, public relations, and search engine optimization (SEO), so they need to be able to work effectively across teams and collaborate with other managers.

Product Marketing Manager

Median Salary: $96,100*

Product marketing managers are responsible for crafting strategies to increase sales of a particular product or product line. They are experts on their company’s products and services and transform that expertise into marketable value propositions that are relevant to a target audience. Product marketing managers must be able to develop a creative vision around a product and lead a team through the execution of that vision.

Senior Product Manager

Median Salary: $129,900*

Like product managers, senior product managers are in charge of the production of a product or product line, but with even more oversight. Senior product managers may also be involved in sales, marketing, and product rollout strategies, offering other teams insights from a production standpoint. Because of the degree of collaboration involved, senior product managers must be strong communicators who can readily work with teams outside their own department.

Product Management Director

Median Salary: $151,200*

From conceptualization through finished production, product management directors oversee the entirety of a product’s life cycle and are even responsible for improving the performance or viability of existing products. As midcareer professionals, product management directors have honed their skills to become product development experts who can lead entire divisions through product launches and revamps. These professionals are typically great leaders and highly effective, collaborative communicators who can work with a variety of teams.

VP, Product Management

Median Salary: $173,600*

Vice president of product management is one of the most high-level product management careers. These executives generally oversee all of a company’s product lines, ensuring they align with the organization’s overall strategy, mission, and goals. They’re responsible for reporting product metrics to executive leadership and are often tasked with ensuring that executive leadership’s plans are executed effectively. VPs of product management also oversee entire production departments, with product managers and directors reporting to them.

*, March 2023

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