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We aim to support students, new graduates, and experienced nurses by providing the information that matters. Browse through our blog to find articles, research, career and employment tips, details about the online Post-Master’s Certificate Programs, and all the latest in health care news.

What You Can Expect When Taking Nursing Classes Online

Taking nursing classes online can allow nurses to earn their post-master’s nursing certificates without compromising their work-life balance.
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9 Essential Qualities of Nurse Leadership

he health care field grows more complex as nurse leaders brace for a mass exodus of retiring registered nurses and an influx of fresh, green talent.
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Nursing students listen to a lecture.

NP Program Options: Online Post-Master’s Certificate in Nursing

Looking for ways to pursue a post-master’s education in nursing? Find out how an NP program can help you advance your career in the nursing profession.

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What Are the Benefits of Nursing Certification?

While becoming licensed is a requirement for nurses to work in a particular state, certification is a type of add-on that’s valued by nurses, their employer, and their patients.
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A family nurse practitioner wearing a mask and gloves waits while a parent and child wearing masks approach a hospital reception desk.

What Is a Family Nurse Practitioner?

What is a family nurse practitioner? Learn what family nurse practitioners do, the critical skills they develop, and how to enter this rewarding profession.

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