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BSN to DNP online degree programs are rising in popularity as a convenient alternative to traditional, classroom-based nurse educational programs. With the additional flexibility offered by removing strict classroom schedules, practicing nurses can more easily balance their job responsibilities with completing DNP coursework. As the current nationwide nursing shortage has placed greater pressure on nurses to work longer, sometimes erratic hours, the self-paced learning opportunity represented by an online Doctor of Nursing Practice degree program is progressively becoming a more tenable option than traditional graduate level programs.

What to Expect From a Doctor of Nursing Practice Program

While baccalaureate and master’s level nursing programs may involve an extensive amount of collaboration amongst students, a Doctor of Nursing Practice program is heavily centered on independent research and study. The coursework featured in traditional programs will usually cover a diverse range of topics. These topics include:

● Systems leadership – Studying collaborative leadership to effectively improve outcomes in complex health care systems.
● Evidence-based clinical practice – Using scholarly data to guide clinical decisions and deliver quality care.
● Nursing theory – Understanding the psychosocial, cultural, and biophysical nature of the patient population to improve health care practices.
● Nursing research – Learning how to compile data that can be analyzed to identify trends in health care systems.
● Nursing informatics – Expanding one’s ability to advance nursing information systems and patient care technology.

To ensure that nurses understand these topics at the advanced level, Doctor of Nursing Practice programs also incorporate hands-on clinical practice to provide students with experience that represents how each skill can be effectively applied.

Why Nursing Professionals Should Consider an Online DNP Program

Upon earning their DNP degree, nurses become qualified to enter into some of the most distinguished roles in the nursing field. All nurses should have the ultimate goal of improving the quality of care offered by their employer; whether they do so by leading health care organizations as executives, providing expert care in clinical settings, or reshaping the health care industry through research. Reaching the level of nursing expertise required to attain this goal takes time and persistence, but an online Doctor of Nursing Practice program ensures that nursing professionals can advance their education without sacrificing any commitments they have already made in their personal and professional lives.

Advanced education offers advanced opportunities, therefore nurses should continue to seek out ways to distinguish themselves in their field. Regardless of whether they choose a traditional or online program, by earning their Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, nursing professionals gain the skills and expertise necessary to positively impact community-wide health outcomes.

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Health care is seeing an industry-wide demand for advanced practice nurses trained at the doctoral level due to the changing landscape, drive for improved patient outcomes, and a shortage of qualified nurses. If you’re an RN with a bachelor’s degree in nursing and ready to take your career to a higher level, the Regis College’s BSN to Doctor of Nursing Practice online program can prepare you for advanced nursing practice.

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