Online BSN to Doctor of Nursing Practice

Online BSN to Doctor of Nursing Practice

Health care is seeing an industry-wide demand for advanced practice nurses trained at the doctoral level due to the changing landscape, drive for improved patient outcomes, and a shortage of qualified nurses. If you’re an RN with a bachelor’s degree in nursing and ready to take your career to a higher level, the Regis Doctor of Nursing Practice can prepare you for advanced nursing practice.

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Why choose the Regis online BSN to DNP?

Regis is a leading Catholic, co-ed university whose mission is to prepare students to succeed in our evolving, global world. Founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph, at Regis, you’ll benefit from our experienced faculty dedicated to helping you evaluate the theoretical basis for nursing, using evidence from research and theory to enhance delivery of quality health care and enabling you to reach the top level of nursing you desire.

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70% of full-time faculty hold doctoral or other terminal degrees

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Reputation for Academic Excellence
Our online BSN to DNP program offers the same level of values-based education and student support as our highly regarded on-campus program with the added flexibility working nurses like you need to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Supportive Environment
We’re here to support you. With several levels of student support and a flexible learning environment, we’re breaking down the barriers that often prevent bright minds from reaching their full potential.

Dedication to Social Justice
Our commitment to social justice and lifelong learning isn’t summed up in one lecture; it’s woven into each course. Our BSN to DNP online degree is designed to help you promote lasting change in health care while always looking toward the future.

Online BSN to Doctor of Nursing Practice at a Glance

The online BSN to DNP program is open to baccalaureate-prepared RNs with the drive to pursue an advanced practice career. Regis has designed our online BSN to DNP program with five areas of concentration, allowing you to focus on your specific professional interests:

Pediatrics (PNP)
Focus on a variety of health needs and issues in a pediatric setting.

Family (FNP)
Develop skills and knowledge to work with every age in a family practice environment.

Psychiatric Mental Health (PMHNP)
Using contemporary psychotherapy modalities and knowledge of psycho-pharmacology, provide care to mental health clients across the lifespan.

Women’s Health (WHNP)
Learn to care for women at all life stages, including primary care, gynecological and obstetrical healthcare needs.

Adult Gerontology (AGNP)
Learn about chronic illness and aging, including polypharmacy management, palliative care, and end of life considerations.

Top Jobs for Doctors of Nursing Practice

By 2020, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) has recommended that the DNP be required for advanced practice nursing. Similarly, the Future of Nursing report issued by the Institute of Nursing has called for nurses to take on greater responsibility to handle the growing number of patients requiring care. An online Doctor of Nursing Practice can put you at the forefront of health care, prepared to take on high-level positions and help meet the rising demand. Some of the nursing jobs and average salaries your DNP from Regis can prepare you for include:


Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner


Provide patient care to those with mental and psychiatric health issues, as well as substance abuse issues, working in mental health clinics, hospitals, and rehab facilities. (

Gerontology Nurse Practitioner


Work closely with geriatric patients to help them manage and overcome various conditions and illnesses. (

Pediatric Nurse


Work with children in an intensive care or clinical environment, providing specialized levels of care. (

Family Nurse


Family nurse practitioners perform many of the same functions as physicians. They diagnose, treat, prescribe medicines, and can even serve as primary care providers. (

Women’s Health
Nurse Practitioner


Deliver comprehensive health care to women throughout their lifespan, with an emphasis on reproductive and gynecologic health needs. (


5 Reasons to earn your online DNP


You want to teach the next generation of nurses


You have a passion for top-notch clinical care


You want to move the profession forward


You want to improve health care


Great ROI – the average salary for a DNP graduate is $95,000*


Nurse practitioners rank #2 in the 100 Best Jobs by U.S. News & World Report.

Online BSN to Doctor of Nursing Practice Curriculum:
Designed for You.

Go from BSN to DNP in as few as 40 months through our online BSN to Doctor of Nursing Practice option. There are three start times per year: Fall, Spring, and Summer.

Curriculum includes:

  • NU601 Nursing Theory
  • NU605 Concepts in Nursing Leadership
  • NU629 Health Promotion – Disease Prevention
  • HP609 Health Policy, Politics and Perspectives
  • NU606 Advanced Pathophysiology
  • NU641 Advanced Clinical Pharmacology
  • NU650 Advanced Health Assessment
  • NU623 Regulatory Issues: Nurse Leadership
  • NU668 Roles and Issues in APN
  • NU716 Cultural Perspectives in Health Care
  • NU713 Epidemiology / Biostatistics
  • NU726 Advanced Research Methods for EBP I
  • NU710 Informatics in Healthcare
  • NU727 Advanced Research Methods for EBP II
  • NU740 Scholarly DNP Project I
  • NU741 Scholarly DNP Project II
  • NU742 Scholarly DNP Project III
  • NU743 Scholarly DNP Project IV


Concentration Areas

  • Pediatrics (PNP)
  • Family (FNP)
  • Psychiatric Mental Health (PMHNP)
  • Women’s Health (WHNP)
  • Adult Geriatrics (AGNP)



Concentration Courses

Pediatrics (PNP)

Choose 1 of 3*

  • NU 661* Care of the Childbearing Women
  • NU 670* Teaching & Learning Seminar in Nurse Education
  • NU 635* Complementary Therapy
  • NU 664A Clinical Concentration Course (300 clinical Hours)
  • NU 665A Clinical Concentration Course (300 Clinical Hours)

Adult Gerontology (AGNP)

  • NU 664E Clinical Concentration Course (300 Clinical Hours)
  • NU 665E Clinical Concentration Course (300 Clinical Hours)
  • HP 626 Political, Financial and Social Issues in Gerontology

Women’s Health (WHNP)

  • NU 664D Clinical Concentration Course (300 Clinical Hours)
  • NU 665D Clinical Concentration Course (300 Clinical Hours)
  • NU 661 Care of the Childbearing Woman

Psychiatric Mental Health (PMHNP)

  • NU 643 Psychopharmacology
  • NU 664C Clinical Concentration Course (300 Clinical Hours)
  • NU 665C Clinical Concentration Course (300 Clinical Hours)
  • NU 646 Theory and Practice of Contemporary Psychotherapies

Family (FNP)

Choose 1 of 3*

  • NU 661* Care of the Childbearing Women
  • NU 670* Teaching & Learning Seminar in Nurse Education
  • NU 635* Complementary Therapy
  • NU 664B Clinical Concentration Course (300 Clinical Hours)
  • NU 665B Clinical Concentration Course (300 Clinical Hours)

Admission Requirements

  • BSN degree from regionally accredited institution and accredited nursing program
  • Active unencumbered RN license
  • Prerequisite course in statistics
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • Resume and 2 essays
  • No GRE required

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