Courtney E. Cole, PhD

Courtney E. Cole, PhD

Associate Professor of Communication, Undergraduate Chair, Communication | Marketing & Communication

Photo of Courtney E. Cole, PhD

Courtney E. Cole earned her doctorate in organizational communication from Ohio University, with secondary concentrations in health communication and research methods. Based on her academic training and professional communication work, Cole has consulted widely in the nonprofit, biotech, and pharma industries, focusing on organizational change, equity, and inclusion issues.

Cole teaches business communication, organizational communication, and communication theory courses, where she is committed to creating industry-relevant learning opportunities in line with contemporary workplace issues.

At the heart of her research, Cole seeks to continually understand the dynamic and complex relationship between managers, workers, and their work. She gives special attention to how larger external forces —climate change, pandemics, and the economy — impact how workers see themselves and relate to their labor.