Congratulations Class of 2020!

To the class of 2020, the faculty and staff at Regis College wish you the very best as you move forward in the next step of your journey!

We’re celebrating the extraordinary accomplishments of our online students who are graduating this spring. While we can’t celebrate in person, we are honoring our students through virtual messages.

Congratulations Regis Pride class of 2020! I’m so happy to share in the excitement of your graduation day, and so very proud of the work you have put in to arrive at this moment. Wishing you nothing but success in your future endeavors!

– Jodie Yew, Student Support Specialist

To the Regis College nursing class of 2020, congratulations! This year will be challenging but also deeply rewarding. You are ready to do great things and contribute to our healing profession.

– Shari Harding, Assistant Professor, Young School of Nursing



Booker T. Washington wrote that “success is not measured by one’s position in life as by the obstacles which one has to overcome.”  

Congratulations on your achievement!  

– Dr. Lisa Rinke, Assistant Professor, Online Graduate Nursing 

Associate dean of online programs at Regis CollegeA Message from Dr. Karen Crowley

Associate Dean of Online Graduate Nursing and Associate Professor

Dear Class of 2020,

I would like to congratulate you for achieving your goal of earning a master’s or doctoral degree in nursing! You have all worked so hard and have pushed through a very difficult final semester, but together with the support of your faculty, advisors, family, and friends, you did it! I wish you the best in your next chapter. Please stay in touch!


 A Message from Dr. Mary Ann HartMary Ann Hart, Program Director of the Regis online MHA Program

Online MHA Program Director

Congratulations to the graduates of the Regis College MHA program! There could not be a more challenging time to take on leadership and management roles in health administration, as the COVID-19 pandemic tests the resiliency of our health care financing and delivery systems. You, as a health care professional, will be at the center of what comes next, and that could not be more exciting. More than ever, your commitment and professional expertise will be needed both to get through this difficult period as well as to seize new opportunities for innovation and improvement in health care organizations and policy as we move forward. 


A Message from President Hays

President of Regis College

A heartfelt congratulations to you on this ceremonious day! We recognize that today’s success wasn’t just handed to you. All the hours of sleep you’ve had to surrender for an upcoming exam, all the times you’ve had to fall to your textbooks after a long day of work when you’d rather fall to your beds, and all the vacations you’ve had to reschedule to collaborate with your classmates. It’s the accumulation of all your sacrifices, hard work, and perseverance that made today possible.

– Kay Kim, Student Support Services

Congratulations, class of 2020! Even though our celebration this year will be different in these unprecedented times, know that we are proud of your accomplishments and well-deserved success! Your community has gained promising new additions and we couldn’t be more excited for your new opportunities. Wishing you all the best, and here’s to the next chapter in your adventure.

– Hoilam Yeung, Graduate Admissions Advisor


Congratulations to all the graduates of 2020! Many of you I have had the pleasure to speak with and work with throughout your admissions into the program. This accomplishment is just another notch on your belt. You have all worked extremely hard to get to where you are today, and you should hold your heads up high. The future holds many opportunities for you. All the best in your future endeavors.

– Alicia Singh, Graduate Admissions Advisor


Dr. Cassandra GodzikA Message from Dr. Cassandra Godzik

Assistant Dean, Online Graduate Nursing

I want to extend to you all congratulations for the huge accomplishment you have achieved. Your hard work has not gone unnoticed. You are either going into the workforce for the first time or continuing your work as a nurse at a time when communities need you most. The knowledge and skills learned at Regis will undoubtedly be used in your positions to better the health and well being of people across the U.S. Please keep in touch in all of your future endeavors as you are part of our school community indefinitely. Best wishes. 


headshot of Michele pedullaA Message from Dr. Michele Pedula

PNP Program Director and Associate Professor

As we look back at the Young School of Nursing Regis College graduates of 2020, a quote from C. S. Lewis comes to mind: “Hardships often prepare people for an extraordinary destiny.” This has certainly been a year full of hurdles to overcome, and you have BRILLIANTLY shone through! Congratulations and best to you all as you continue your journey into your extraordinary destiny.  


Dear Regis grads of 2020, congratulations! What you have had to accomplish under new and trying circumstances is incredible and something you should be very proud of as you move forward. Reflect on this, challenge the norm, and do great things! Good luck and best wishes!


– Daniel Pomerants, Graduate Admissions Advisor

Dear class of 2020: On behalf of the entire online learning team at Regis, congratulations on your well-earned achievement. We know you have each worked hard to earn your degrees and certificates, especially this year while overcoming some extraordinary challenges. Wishing you great success on your next adventure. 

– Jonathan Small, Associate Vice President of Online Learning

As you cherish the fruit of your hard work, I wish success to keep following you in everything that you do, today and always. Congratulations and happy graduation to the Regis grads of 2020. This is just the beginning. Best wishes! Glad to be a part of your academic journey!


– Sheel Asija, Graduate Admissions Advisor

A Message from Dr. Jessica Abernathy

Program Director, Online Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner Program

Hello graduates! Congratulations on your accomplishments thus far. I am certain your education at Regis will facilitate you being the change this country needs right now. Use the values you have learned and practiced at Regis to make daily changes in how we view one another and spread love whenever you can. 


Congratulations class of 2020! Best of luck in your future careers.

“Go forth and set the world on fire.” —St. Ignatius Loyola

– Jeannmy Zamora, Student Support Specialist

Congratulations to the Regis grads of 2020! I am honored to be part of your journey and I share in your excitement as you celebrate this incredible milestone. Your next adventure awaits!

– Vanessa Margarit – Senior Graduate Admissions Advisor

Dear Regis graduates, congratulations on the completion of your program and on all of your accomplishments. I wish you success and happiness in all of your future endeavors.

– Hosna Daoud, Student Support Specialist

“All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.” — Martin Luther King, Jr.

Congratulations!! Your journey of excellence has only just begun.

– Rachel Lawrence, Student Support Specialist

Congratulations class of 2020! We are proud of you!

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.” — B.B. King


– Mariana dos Passos Raini, Student Support Specialist