Off to a Good Start: Polishing Your Health Care Administration Resume

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Whether you want to launch a career in health care administration or you’re an experienced administrator who has decided to seek new opportunities, you’re going to need a resume that is well written and polished.
This is especially important for students who are pursuing a master’s degree in healthcare administration (MHA). A resume is the first impression job applicants make on prospective employers.

Why You Need a Strong Health Care Administration Resume

Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicates that employment opportunities for medical and health services managers is predicted to grow by 20 percent through 2026. This rate is far greater than the forecasted growth for other professions. The BLS believes this robust growth is largely tied to the aging baby boomer population that is likely to use more health care services more often.
Health care workers, administrators, and support staff will be in high demand in the coming years. Master’s degree candidates who wish to compete for top jobs will need to have the strongest resume possible.
Professional Credentials and Certifications
MHA candidates who are creating or updating their resumes may be interested to learn there are several certifications that can help their job applications stand out.
These certifications include:

● Certified Medical Manager (CMM): This certification is obtained through the Professional Association of Health Care Office Management. Eligible candidates must show they have a minimum of two years of health care experience, along with at least 12 credits of post-secondary education credits in coursework related to health care management or administration. Those who pass the CMM exam have proven they have the experience, knowledge, leadership abilities, and skills to excel in their careers.

● Certified Nursing Home Administrator (CNHA): This certification is obtained through the American College of Healthcare Administrators. Eligible candidates need to show they have a minimum of two years of licensing in the state in which they work and have completed a minimum of 40 hours of continuing education in the past two years. The ACHA states that the CNHA certification reflects a professional’s commitment to residents, families, and staff, along with advanced knowledge and experience in the field.

Focusing on Marketable Skills from Work Experience

When listing work experience, applicants should be mindful that hiring managers tend to give more weight to candidates who have strong leadership abilities, interpersonal and communication skills, a willingness to take initiative, and are receptive to feedback.
Candidates should quantify their previous experience with supporting facts and statistics, when relevant, while being careful not to list every job task they’ve ever performed. Instead, it’s best to provide the most important highlights that will be most meaningful to hiring managers for a given position.
Resumes that are succinct and readable while highlighting key relevant experience are most likely to result in an interview.
Highlighting the Benefits of a Master’s Degree
Hiring managers understand that applicants who possess an MHA have completed coursework that is specifically directed to the needs of future health care managers.
The online MHA program at Regis College is designed to provide health care administration candidates with varying perspectives on the delivery of care. Relevant coursework includes classes on health ethics and law, concepts in health administration, and applied practice experience. Graduates who can effectively illustrate a mastery of these areas on their resume are likely to have enhanced interview opportunities.

Key Skills to Highlight

Human resources departments tend to favor health care administration resumes that show core competencies in industry knowledge, critical thinking, relationship building, adaptability, and professional judgment.
Candidates not only need to demonstrate they understand how to be an effective manager, but also that they are passionate about the care and well-being of patients.

Emphasizing Leadership Abilities

Successful health care administrators are proven leaders who can think quickly, navigate complex situations, and lead teams in their organization. Leadership is a core competency for those working in this field, because the most successful managers act fairly, delegate tasks, and help employees develop skills and confidence.

The Regis College online MHA program offers coursework to augment the development of leadership capabilities and thinking. These classes include health ethics and law, and social and behavioral sciences.

As a whole, the education offered by Regis College in the area of health care administration exposes students to key managerial, leadership, clinical, and practical competencies that employers seek, positioning graduates to pursue rewarding jobs in this field.

The Online Master of Health Administration provides students with industry-relevant coursework designed enhance their understanding of healthcare finance, ethics and law, health policy, health informatics and more. Graduates of the program often find they’re well-positioned for advanced career opportunities and increased earning potential. Discover more about how the Regis College online MHA can help you take the next step in your career.