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. What is your current role in health care?
What is your current role in health care?

In your academic and professional journey, a lot of the learning process involves learning from others. This page serves as a resource of articles on relevant developments and topics in the field of health administration and our online MHA program.

Expand Your Health Care Administration Skills by Earning an MHA

Earning your Master of Health Administration can be rewarding in many ways. Keep reading to learn how this degree can expand your skill set and enhance your marketability.
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How to Become a Hospital Administrator

Hospital administrators play a critical role in helping their organizations provide high-quality patient care. If you’re interested in becoming a hospital administrator, consider an advanced degree in health administration.
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How to Become a Nursing Home Administrator

Learn how to become a nursing home administrator, from the educational requirements to the essential skills that must be developed.
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MPH vs. MHA: 5 Key Differences

With the many options for master’s degrees, discover the key differences between a Master of Public Health and a Master of Health Administration.
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What Is An MHA Degree?

A Master’s in Health Administration (MHA) degree will provide graduates with detailed knowledge of health care systems, potentially making them competitive candidates for management-oriented roles in medical facilities.
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Online MHA vs. Online MBA: What’s the difference?

By understanding differences between online MHA and MBA programs, health care professionals can discover which can complement their career objectives.
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