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. What is your current role in health care?
What is your current role in health care?

Recent events have exposed personnel shortages across the health care industry, including health administration. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for medical and health service managers are expected to grow 32% between 2019 and 2029. Health administration is also experiencing rapid changes brought on by technology, business, and health care integrations and improved access to care, creating new job titles and opportunities.

Aware of industry-wide developments, Regis’s online MHA is designed to help you see health care administration from a business, policy, and patient perspective. Our curriculum aims to advance your understanding of ethics, governance, finances, and policies that shape health care organizations at the highest level.

MHA-related Job Titles Include:

Hospital CEO

Median wage: $155,408*
Chief executive officers are responsible for all operations, overseeing an executive team, and interacting with patients, providers, staff, and family members. Outside of the medical facility, CEOs often perform community outreach, investment research, attend board meetings, and participate in public speaking engagements.

Health Care Marketing Director

Median wage: $73,323*
Directors of health care marketing can find employment at regional medical centers, physicians’ groups, private and public hospitals, and a variety of other health care organizations. These medical marketing professionals are responsible for planning, overseeing the creation of, and executing marketing campaigns.

Health Information Manager

Median wage: $55,210*
Health information managers are responsible for collecting, analyzing, and securing both digital and traditional health records. This occupation requires a thorough understanding of modern IT, clinical knowledge, and administrative management skills.

Chief Nursing Officer

Median wage: $131,526*
A CNO is responsible for advising senior management on best nursing practices, creating retention programs, establishing wages, managing nursing budgets, planning new patient services, conducting performance assessments, and representing nurses at board meetings.

Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance Director

Median wage: $115,921*
Pharmaceutical quality directors ensure pharmaceutical products comply with FDA regulations. They also issue reports before the products go to market outlining the manufacturing process and confirming everything meets established FDA standards.

Hospital Media Relations Specialist

Median wage: $55,919*
Media relations specialist responsibilities include drafting and releasing information for the press, holding press conferences, and arranging interviews with executives or administrators and possibly with health care providers.

Hospital Administrator

Median wage: $87,465*
Hospital administrators organize and oversee the health services and activities of a hospital or health care facility. They manage staff and budgets, communicate between departments, and ensure quality patient care is being delivered.

Assisted Living Administrator

Median wage: $60,160*
Assisted living administrators oversee the facility’s daily operations, staff, and budgetary needs. They are also tasked with maintaining a safe environment, support services, communal activities, nutrition, and medication management.

Health Actuary

Median wage: $95,818*
Health actuaries work for health care organizations or insurance companies analyzing data and health care trends to determine financial and strategic plans. Responsibilities vary by employer, but actuaries might be tasked with preparing rate files, reviewing plans, and understanding trends to uncover new opportunities and risks.

Chief Operations Officer

Median wage: $117,455*
COOs work with teams across the company, including other executives, to establish business strategies, set performance goals, promote company culture and vision, and oversee the overall daily administrative operations.

Health Informatics Specialist

Median wage: $68,232*
Health informatics specialists process health care data to uncover insights that could lead to better care, policies, and procedures. Other responsibilities might include documenting processes, maintaining records, and preparing reports.


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