What are the benefits of Regis?

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Regis Campus

Regis College offers students an opportunity to expand their worldviews while pursuing specialized courses of study within a broad liberal arts framework. Our mission and history set a foundation for excellence that has spread to our online division, where students can experience flexible learning environments that make our advanced courses of study as accessible as possible.

To fully understand the benefits offered by Regis College, it’s important to first learn about who we are as an institution and what makes us tick.

About Regis College

Located in Weston, Massachusetts, Regis College offers students easy accessibility to the entire Boston metro region. Our online programs further this reach and bring our mission to a wide range of students. Our mission reads:

“Regis College, through education in the arts, sciences, and professions, empowers women and men to challenge themselves academically, to serve, and to lead. A Catholic college, Regis is a diverse and welcoming community guided by the values of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston.”

Many values underpin our identity as a Catholic university founded on the principles of the Sisters of St. Joseph, with gracious hospitality, love, and service of the Dear Neighbor, peaceful resolution of conflict, and care for all God’s creation as the central themes. As a result of these principles, we are an institution committed to social justice and environmental sustainability, ideals that underpin the perspectives and ideologies of our curriculum.

History of Regis College

Regis was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in February of 1927 and began offering courses in September of the same year. The school was founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston with the overarching goal to do good for society through education. To that end, the initial focus of the institution was to provide women with access to higher education through both residential and non-residential programming.

Regis College would later follow the lead of Catholic men’s colleges in the 1970s by becoming co-educational, and a renewed and broadened emphasis on community resulted. As a small college, Regis began exploring new directions in the late 20th century and early 21st century with a period of expansion to strengthen our foundation for the future.

Today, Regis College brings together a long history of meeting the needs of local students alongside the capabilities of a modern liberal arts institution and the values of a faith community to offer a unique educational environment. We emphasize lifelong learning, work to expose students to a variety of disciplines as they study, and allow for deep specialization.

Where Regis stands in terms of rankings

As a small institution, Regis College has still managed to gain recognition for the quality of the education it offers. The Princeton Review named us as a “Best Regional College” and we are also an Apple Distinguished School.

Our emphasis on quality and accessibility helps us to stand out, and our online programs give students who may not be looking to commute to a campus an opportunity to conveniently take advantage of many of our course offerings.

About our online Master of Social Work program

The online MSW program at Regis aims to empower professionals to impact the lives of individuals and drive social change. To this end, we offer a flexible structure designed to help students fit their coursework into their lives. Our program:

  • Includes three start times each year
  • Offers students the opportunity to apply without completing the GRE
  • Can be completed in as few as eight semesters
  • Accepts eligible transfer credits

Like most other social work master’s programs, our offering can play an instrumental role in preparing students for certification. However, it is important to research the specific requirements for the state where you hope to work and understand those demands before settling on any course of study.

Our curriculum includes:

  • A generalist track focused on introducing students to foundational information relative to working in the sector
  • A year of study focused on specialized clinical course materials that delves into the details of what it’s like to practice clinical social work
  • An experiential learning component that is built around field placement, which can incorporate a student’s current workplace if the individual is functioning in a qualifying role

All told, students taking their MSW course of study at Regis College can expect to dive deep into major clinical social work topics within the larger context of our institution’s mission and values.


Regis College is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

The MSW program at Regis College achieved accreditation-the program is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. Visit CSWE’s website for accreditation details on our program

Get started at Regis College

Our earliest history highlights a simple theme at Regis College: We want to make higher education as accessible as possible and help individuals develop careers that promote social justice. Whether you are changing careers or are a professional in the field, our online MSW program offers an opportunity to kickstart your professional growth.

We provide a variety of student services, access to faculty, and the atmosphere of a small, tight-knit community, even online. Pursuing your MSW online at Regis College doesn’t mean sacrificing the personal and professional connections you’d make on campus as online courses offer ample opportunities for discussion and connection via digital channels.

Contact us today to learn more about our program offerings and get details on the admissions process, tuition, and more. We can connect you with resources to answer any questions you may have about pursuing your degree at Regis College and help you get started.

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