Student’s Corner: Enid Landreth (Online MSN in AGPCNP)

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Thinking about earning your Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) online with Regis College? Hear from one of our online MSN students and find out about her experiences in the program as she balances family, studies and her job as a director of nursing in a long-term facility. Meet Enid Landreth – she’s preparing for a career as a nurse practitioner (NP) through the program and is specializing her degree in Adult Gerontology – Primary Care.

Students enrolled in the online MSN program at Regis can benefit from:

  • 100% online coursework
  • Flexible entry paths: ADN/BSN/Bachelor’s to MSN
  • Complete in as few as 28-36 months
  • Choose from six NP specializations and qualify to sit for board certification exams
  • Transfer maximum credit hours

Watch Enid’s testimonial below to learn more.


Enid Landreth:

Hello. My name is Enid Landreth and I am a current student at Regis College in the Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner track via the online program. I am here to share my story and my journey at Regis College, so I could Inspire others that are considering starting out or finishing their studies at the college.

First, I will tell you a little about myself. I am originally from Africa. I was born in a small country called Uganda in East Africa. I moved to the U.S. as a 22 year old. I am currently married and I have three children. My oldest is twelve and my youngest is eight years old.

I started out as a certified nursing assistant and a licensed practical nurse. I was educated at MassBay Community College in Massachusetts and then I went out to get my Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Salem State University in Salem Massachusetts.

As I mentioned earlier, I am currently a nurse practitioner student. So, I have been rising through the ranks.

Why I decided to go back to my nurse practitioner or to pursue my nurse practitioner education? It’s because when I worked as a CNA, I worked with patients, as we all do, and I realized that I had more to offer. I realized that I could. I was capable academically and I had the commitment and the excitement to want to pursue and further my education so that’s why I went back for my nurse practitioner certification.

The same was true when I was at that level, so I went back to get my RN and as an RN working in long-term care, which I have been working in now for thirteen years, I realized again that I had more to offer. And so that was where the seed was planted for me to go back and pursue my Adult Gerontology Nurse Practitioner education.

As I shared about my family, I am a mother, I am married, I am away from home and thus, I’m busy – as we all are. But I say that to explain why an online nursing program was what could work for my current situation in life. I could not go to school every day of the week and when I noticed that Regis College has a very good reputation, it became the reason that I went for Regis versus another online program.

But when I realized that they had an online program for nurse practitioners, I had to try it.

The faculty – I cannot say enough about it. Even has an online student, I was able to feel connected and supported by my faculty. I was also able to feel as part of a class because we had a lot of Zoom calls, whereby we interacted with people, even though we’re across the nation in different states – it feels like a class. My classmates – we text each other, and we study together so, you don’t lose out on that classroom feeling by doing an online program.

What I have enjoyed most about my studies so far, and that I would say is something to be proud of as part of Regis is that we continue to have a quality education. As a Massachusetts resident, I am able to experience first-hand the reputation that Regis has. I go places and I say “I am a student at Regis College” and people go “Oh, Regis! That’s a very good school.” It is a very good school. Online, in class, hybrid – it is a very good school, and so I would say to my friends and to whoever is watching this video, that you cannot go wrong with Regis. You cannot go wrong with online learning if your life situation lends more to online, than in person learning.

So, I intend to graduate in December 2021 and that would be due to the need to complete my hours, but through it, I have felt really supported by my school, by my classmates and I believe that this is a tremendous achievement. It’s always a tremendous achievement when you are able to realize your education dreams. But to be able to do them in a pandemic online with a family and working full-time as a director of nursing in a long-term facility, I feel that I chose the right school and I would second anyone that’s considering joining Regis.

So, I hope this has been helpful to you and and helping you get to school or helping you arrive to a decision to start school. As nurses, we are needed never more than now in a pandemic. And if we are committed to serving and to patient care, why not take that extra step?